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In this section we look at the opportunities for, and trends in alternative energy. We view our energy needs in a number of broad areas, although the quantum of needs obviously varies drastically from domestic to industrial environments. We consider energy usage for lighting, heating, cooling, appliances and processing, as well as investigating the details of production, storage and distribution. We look at all the arcane terms and pieces of the puzzle from panels to controllers, invertors, batteries and feedback protection.

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Be it for warminging our bums, cooling our food, fueling our cars, lighting our homes or charging our phones, we all depend on energy to help us brave this world. However, as we continue to burn throughour limited non-renewable fuels, pollute our planet and the cost of living rises, energy saving is becoming a major concern. If we don't start working on energy saving now, there might not be enough to go around by the time our children or grand children inherit this world from us. Here are a few resources to get us thinking about how to save as much as we can:
Here is a video about a fridge that runs on magnets.
Here is a useful guide on how to make sure you save energy while online.
Here you can find a handy guide to saving energy and money during winter.

The sun is the source of almost all the available energy and all life on Earth, yet we rely heavily on the solar energy stored in fossils from millions of years ago. Why bother when we are learning more and more how to effectively harness sunshine directly? After all, we could power the entire world with less