Water is our most precious resource. It sustains all life and without it we could not exist. It is our duty to ourselves and future generations to nurture this resource so that we can all have access to clean, sustainable water sources At EcoBaobab we seek to provide solutions that limit water wastage and help us to make the most of the water we have available to us with minimum cost to the environment We provide solutions for individuals to harvest rainwater, greywater and redwater, as well as a variety of other water focused solutions. Browse our products or look through some of the research and advice that we have gathered from experts in so many fields of water harvesting.


We have a range of kits available, that make it possible to start with a small solution, and then add to it. It is also possible to buy most of the component parts separately, if you want to create your own installation.

pump products

Pumps are available in most of our water solutions sections, but you can also find them here.